Its a snap to install our 13" foam crown moldings

Install large foam crown moldings without nails or screws.
Our T block system makes it so simple.
You can paint your molding before you install it.
You can cut corners yourself or we can cut corners for you, in either inside or outside at any degree.

Just glue the red block with 
adhesive to the wall.

Hot glue the blue "T"  to the back of the molding.

Snap molding "T"  into the red block on the wall.

Wall snap block and crown molding "T".

Glue 2" long wall snap blocks around the room
about every 2 foot for 8" crown moldings
and every 4 foot for 13" moldings.

Next, apply hot glue to the "T" and mount
to the back of the molding.

Mount the "T"s at the same spacing
 as the wall snap blocks.

Be sure to mount the "T"s even with the top of the molding.
Note: the tapered edge goes up and the square edge is at the bottom.

Apply a little adhesive on the horizontal 
top and bottom edges of the molding
before installing  it to the wall.

You can apply a little adhesive on the end
of the "T" that goes into the wall snap block.

Press the "T" into the  wall snap blocks that are mounted on the wall.

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