Flexible Crown Moldings  measure inside corner or radius

To order  flexible crown molding follow the 8 simple steps.
This flexible crown molding is available in three profiles and three sizes.
Our flex molding can be made to fit most curved radius walls.
Write down the Rise, Distance and Length measurements to order your molding.
You can order over the phone or online. 800 315 6311

Step 2
Move edges so
there is no gap

Step 1
Place 2 straight
edges on both walls

Step 3
Mark wall or floor
where the arrow and
the straight edge meet
so there is no gap

Step 4
Place tape on the floor
and make the end of the
straight edge

Step 5
Mark tape line
on both sides

Step 6
Place string across both
marks and measure


Step 7
Measure the "DISTANCE"
across the curve

Step 8
Measure the
curved "LENGTH"

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