Crown Molding Solutions foam crown molding for textured or popcorn ceilings

Can I use Crown Molding Solutions molding on textured or popcorn ceilings?
Yes, you can use our moldings. Most people call textured ceilings "popcorn" ceilings.

If this is the case you will need to put a straight line on the ceiling where
the molding will extend out to and scrape the popcorn texture off.

The best way is to use a paint scrapper.
Hold a pizza pan or paint pan under where you are scraping to catch the droppings.

Use a string and a few cork board push pins for a guide.

On NM and CMS crown moldings use our "Crown Modling Solutions wall adhesive and Seam Caulk"
on the top and bottom seams of the molding.

Our regular 3-1/2" to 13" crown moldings use our  "Crown Molding Solutions Molding adhesive and sealant"
you only need to apply adhesive to the back side.

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