We love our customers! They frequently rave about how they saved money, time and loved the simple installation process. Most foam crown molding users are just beginners, but they were able to add a great look to their home with a few hours of work! All comments were posted with our customers’ approval. These are original emails or reviews and are not fabricated in any way. Read what they have to say for yourself, then try our product for your next home improvement project!

Foam Crown Molding Testimonials

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  • I (Lee) wanted to drop you a short note and tell you how PLEASED we were with the way our Crown Molding project turned out. Penny kept saying "Derick's my new best friend."It was one of the easiest projects I have done. They painted beautifully and glued up perfectly. No muss, no fuss. We did our entire entrance hall in about two and a half hours.This was a project we had been dreading for years. I wish we hadn't waited so long. We have several more rooms to do, and will be doing more business. Again, our thanks for a GREAT product!!!

    Lee & Penny Freshwater
  • I just wanted to tell you how much I like your product. I just installed the 3 1/2" crown molding in my master bedroom and it looks awesome! I did the installation all by myself. It was very easy. I liked it so much I ordered more to do another bedroom. I'll probably put it through the whole house. The family loved it when they saw it and couldn't believe it wasn't wood. I had to show them a left over piece because they couldn't imagine it was foam.

    Janet H.
  • As a new home owner / contractor, I bought 1000 ft. of 6" crown and over 100 precut corners from you a couple of months ago. My trim guy and his helper viewed your DVD and installed the crown in two full work days. We now have crown in all our bathrooms, master toilet, walk-in closets, wash room and pantry. We did show some modesty by not putting any crown in the linen closet. But who looks in there anyway!! We spent about $1600 for materials and $800 in labor. My trim guys said it would cost about $6500 for him to do the same in wood. Enough said!

    Lupe Nevarez
  • I am installing styrofoam crown molding for the second time. This time in my kitchen. If you love the look for crown molding but don't have the skill or $$ for wood this is a great alternative. It looks just like high end crown molding after you paint it. It is so easy because the back is flat for easy cutting and positioning. Installing foam crown molding, it's EASY and the kitchen was under $100. 

    Jane D.
  • My wife and I were remodeling our house as DIY'rs and wanted to incorporate crown molding into our media room. However, we were on a tight budget and the room as vaulted ceilings of 125 degrees. We found your foam molding website and watched online videos showing how to cut corners for the vaulted ceilings. Feeling confident, we purchased your 4-1/2 inch vaulted foam crown molding for the project. I have average finish carpentry skills but was able to easily make all the cuts and install the molding myself. I used adhesive caulk on the corner joints and spackling on the butt joints. One thing I learned is to be sure that the spackling is fairly moist since you want it to "run" when you press the joint together. I purchased a general spackling  and added a little water to it until it had a nice consistency...I put two coats of paint with primer on the molding prior to installing it. It took only a day to install. I then needed only to sand the joints and touch up with paint. The foam molding looks as good as wood, but it is cheaper and easier to install. The joints "disappear" once they've been smoothed and painted. The finished project looks great! We highly recommend your product.

    Ralph & Kathy Barrett
  • Amazing customer service, fantastic product! We were doing a remodel on our living room and hallway. We thought we knew which crown molding we needed, but after calling Derek and explaining our project to him, he helped us to find the right product for us, even though it was less expensive than our original choice. He was extremely helpful and super friendly. Our order was shipped promptly and showed up packaged perfectly. Upon following Derek's installation recommendations, we had our new crown molding painted and installed in record time! We are so grateful to have found and ordered from this company. Will definitely be calling again for our next project!

    Amy Hisel Cole
  • ...We love your product and have told many how great your company is to work with. Thanks so much for all your help.

  • I want to share the photos of how we used your molding to create an exterior frame for a building that we designed and installed to our client Auto & Truck Services building. It turned out beautifully and has one several awards in the advertising industry.

    Lewis Communications Lewis Communications
  • My wife and I are updating our 100-year-old house and purchased some of your stryofoam crown molding for our dining room. We had already used stryofoam ceiling tiles (the ones that look like old tin ceiling) on the ceiling, and since we still had the old lath and plaster walls, we thought that your product would be easier to install than wood crown molding, which we had used on the living room.Boy was it!Not only that, but we got more "bang for the buck" with your product than with the wood. Any molding we looked at with any detail was much more than it cost us to buy from you. When installing I wasn't sure about how well the adhesive would hold the molding to the wall/ceiling until it set up so I first installed all the pre-cut corners we had purchased and let it sit over night. I then installed all the long pieces and left out the last piece on each wall as it was recommended to leave the last piece a tad long for a tight fit and I was worried that the pressure could "pop" one of the pieces away from the wall or ceiling. Probably needn't have worried about it as the Power Grab seemed to really lock the molding down immediately. Never the less I waited till the next day to install the final piece on each wall and then caulked the seams and the wall and ceiling joints and used paint to touch up the seams when the caulk had dried.We still have the kitchen to do and I am sure we will be using more of your product when it comes time for that job. Thanks!

    John D.
  • Hi Derek.  Just a note and a few pictures to say how happy we are with the foam crown molding we purchased.  I am 60 Years young and put it up myself! My husband was very impressed!  We entertain a lot and no one can believe the crown molding is foam......or that I was able to put it up!  Your product is great and I can't wait to move on to the next room.

    Denise Pearson
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