No Prime Foam Crown Molding

Our Villa Deco foam crown molding is designed for easy installation. No need for hammers, nail, screws, stud finders or expensive miter saws. This line of No Prime foam crown molding comes pre-primed, so all you need to do is paint it your preferred color. We have a variety of styles, heights and sell in different lengths. Browse through to find the look you love!

Carmel Villa Deco

Our Carmel Villa Deco crown molding has a luxurious look that will complement any room or project. If you just must have symmetry, this one will please your eyes! It makes quite a statement at 4 1/4 inches tall and comes in 6 1/2 foot lengths. No priming required – just paint and install!

Carmel Room Kits

Linda Villa Deco

The Linda Villa Deco is a bit more subtle, perhaps for a smaller room or a stand alone design accent. We love the simplicity, and clean lines. The Linda is 2 3/4 inches tall and comes in 6 1/2 foot lengths. Don’t forget your corners!

Linda Room Kits

Crescent Villa Deco

The Crescent, while closely related to the Linda, has a bit more of a formal look, adding class and elegance to your home. This is also a 2 3/4 inch molding, and comes in 6 1/2 foot lengths. Again, no primer required so this one means a quick install without a lot of work.

Savannah Villa Deco

Did you say you love the southern farmhouse look? The Savannah style just fits the ticket. Unique and sleek is the name of the game. With 3 3/4 inches of beauty, it’s a perfect medium height for your foray into the world of crown molding. Don’t forget, if you can’t decide on a style, check out a sample kit and try a few of your favorites!