Four Reasons to use foam crown molding rather than wood crown molding

Do you love turning your house into a home? Maybe you’ve been researching for an upgrade to that one room in your home that just isn’t “quite” finished.

We know the process, and we know it well.

First you start with checking out all the DIY blogs. It’s research! These are a few of our favorite blogs on home upgrades and DIYs (we canNOT get enough of their amazing ideas!!!) From that effortless farmhouse charm, to elegant glam, you can find just about anything you’re looking for.

Still in this phase? We get it.

Check Out Some of our Favorite DIY Blogs

Then you shop. Price it all out – trips to Home Depot, Home Goods, At Home…all the homes! You find the right furniture, the right decor, the perfect lamp, and the best color scheme. You’ve got the perfect furniture and the perfect color scheme laid out. Your Pinterest boards are FULL of amazing ideas.

Finally you spend hours painting and putting it all together. You think it will look amazing!

But it Just Lacks…Something.

That something might be the finishing elegant touch of crown molding. WOW. But don’t you need a construction team to do that? And isn’t it expensive? And hauling wood up to the ceiling to attach…yikes, sounds like something I could never do.

But what if we told you it doesn’t have to be that way? In fact, crown molding isn’t always made out of wood. You HAVE to check out foam crown molding.

Foam crown molding is more affordable than wood crown molding

Four Main Differences in Crown Molding vs. Foam Crown Molding


Have you ever tried to build something and been a bit sticker shocked? Lumber can be expensive, and crown molding is no different. Traditional crown molding is wood, and in most instances, foam crown molding is about 28% cheaper.


As long as we’re talking about price, we can’t help but bring up the weight. You’d have a hard time hauling traditional crown molding up a ladder to install in your rooms with high ceilings! (Not to mention a bit of a safety challenge…) but foam crown molding is so light, you could carry it with one hand no problem.


No heavy equipment or expensive tools required. You can cut foam crown molding with a knife, unlike regular crown molding! No cumbersome saws or hiring a construction expert. That’s where the huge savings really is…even professional remodelers love the ease of installation for foam crown molding! NO nails are even needed! We tell you everything you need to know in our step-by-step installation guide.


Crown molding can warp or change when it is exposed to moisture or extreme heat. Wood expands in the heat, and can lead to gaps or shrinkage. And, if you’ve got an older home, you may have issues with shifting in your foundation. Foam crown molding is easy to install even if you’ve got an uneven spot or another problem you want to hide! It lasts — even if installed in a bathroom where moisture and heat are common elements.

Other bonuses when using foam crown molding? We’re a small business and can work to customize any piece of crown molding for you to fit your project.

Easier to install than wood crown molding

“But I’m Not a Home DIY Expert!!!”

No worries! If you’re wondering if you can install foam crown molding — with no other experience — the answer is absolutely. You don’t have to take our word for it…check out the step-by-step processes detailed on this blogger’s site and on our How To Page.

And, with a crew like us standing by to help you answer your questions, you don’t have any reason to be nervous. Even if you’re not a pro at home DIY, you can install foam crown molding. Let us know how we can help you — from choosing a style to planning out how much you’ll need, we’ve got you covered.

Shop this look for a formal dining room, or this classic crown molding style.

Happy DIY’ing!

Cory Wilson
Cory Wilson
14:56 03 May 21
I'm excited to receive the product I just ordered. I made a mistake when ordering (ordered the wrong size/style). I... realized this over the weekend, so left a message. Derek called back first thing this morning and said "Not a problem at all... we can change that for you!" and made it a non-issue. He was very polite and customer service oriented. Also he let me know that they were going to try to get my process ordered and shipped out today!! Although I haven't worked with this product yet, I have to say the customer service provided by Derek was top notch and I was already impressed enough to feel compelled to write this review. Once I receive the molding and have a chance to do some installation, I'll update my review on the product. For now, they definitely earn a five-start review for Derek's customer service. One more thing I add - I love that free shipping is offered at such a low ($100) threshold. THANK YOU!read more
Larry Mazoway
Larry Mazoway
17:03 05 May 20
Great product.Easy to install.Can’t tell it’s not wood.Plus, it’s easy to fit snuggly against walls and ceilings if... the have minor more
James O'Leary
James O'Leary
23:05 26 Jan 20
it was every thing we hoped and better! the moldind arrived on time, we arranged for rolling scaffold and got to wolk'.... we used the caulk you suggessed, used a level .(we have 13 foot cielings in front room) the next day we strung string lites behind the molding. great reviews from all who have seen it. it looks spectacular thanks for a great product and extra advice you offeredread more
Michelle Whetsell
Michelle Whetsell
01:40 22 Jan 20
A wonderful product. The quality is top of the line. You can tell this company takes pride in its product and service.
William L Rubink
William L Rubink
03:39 21 Dec 19
I used Crown Molding Products and found them durable, easy to install, and economical. Well worth it, Highly... more
DL Rowe
DL Rowe
00:19 20 Dec 19
Takes some care to get smooth cuts and joints but after a bit of experience it's an easy material to work with. I will... use these moldings again and recommend the more
jack thomson
jack thomson
15:00 21 Sep 19
Easy DYI project, results look fantastic! The hardest part is waiting for the paint to dry to install your mouldings.
Chris Hernandez
Chris Hernandez
21:34 17 Sep 19
This was so easy to install. When friends and family come over they cannot believe its foam. High quality and easy to... paintread more
Brian Chadwick
Brian Chadwick
21:56 07 Aug 19
Great product, easy to install and looks great. Just had my home reappraised, the appraiser had nothing but positive... comments about how the molding improved the overall look of the more
Rebecca Figone
Rebecca Figone
01:30 13 Jun 19
Love this product! It looks fantastic! It is easy to use, even alone. I highly recommend this product to anyone... looking to upgrade the look of their rooms, at a great price. LOVE! Thanks so much, Crown Molding Solutions!read more
Beth Coffin
Beth Coffin
01:19 11 Jun 19
I bought this company's basic crown molding a couple years ago. I had to prime it, paint it, cut it, and glue it. It... wasn't too much of a challenge. I received nice compliments from people who normally aren't generous in praising. It has continued to look great even as my old house more
Gartett Carpenter
Gartett Carpenter
02:03 30 May 19
We have ordered crown moulding from this business for most of our home. First, the product is easy to work with and... goes up nicely as long as you watch the instructional video recommend by the company. The corners come pre cut, which is awesome. Derrick was helpful with everything from suggestions for installation to making sure we ordered the proper amount. I loved that it hometown business feel with large company product. These people are truly 5 more
Shawn Freeman
Shawn Freeman
04:58 09 Mar 19
I used Crown Molding Solutions in the living groom of a house i was remodeling that was over 100 years old. with how... much the house settled made everything very complicated to installed and make it look good. their product made it so easy to bluff certain spots. I had it painted and installed in two nights, my first time every doing it. very easy. and it looks great. will defiantly be a returning customer for my next house!!read more
Justin Hein
Justin Hein
19:26 06 Mar 19
I bought 4" style C foam molding and loved it. I was able to tack wires up high along the ceiling since I did not have... attic access. I painted them before installing and I got many compliments on them. When I mentioned they were foam to some buddies who are craftsmen by trade they were impressed and said they couldn't tell any difference. I would use them more
Dena Fenton
Dena Fenton
17:21 07 Jan 19
THANK YOU, Derek, for providing crown molding elements for our Christmas-movie-themed decorating competition here in... Burleson ISD. Thanks to YOU, we received the Excellent Christmas Spirit award and second place overall for our White Christmas scene. We were quite excited!! MANY thanks for your contribution. We appreciate YOU! Your products are amazing and your customer service exemplary!!!read more
Traveling light
Traveling light
01:14 29 Dec 18
I had only imagined a product like foam crown molding, thinking how easy and inexpensive it could be. Then to my... shock, learned there really is such a product. After finding 3 main sites, I had the most success with Crown Molding Solutions. One company suggested that my custom design wouldn't be good because of the thickness I chose. Also the running foot was more expensive than Crown Molding Solutions. Answers were vague. Another company didn't respond as they said they would on the phone in later emails. So I chose Crown Molding Solutions. I got prompt friendly and informative replies and a great price for something totally custom made to my liking. A minor problem was easily and speedily resolved and I am happy to recommend this company to anyone out there looking to save a bundle over high end lumber yard prices plus the cost of a professional to install. This product is extremely easy to install and at age 73, I will have an easy time of it. I am extremely pleased with Crown Molding more
Ron Perrin
Ron Perrin
03:31 16 Nov 18
I have ordered several times over the years with crown molding for projects. The staff is great, friendly, very... helpful and willing to answer questions and give suggestions. Their products are very easy to install and the finished project always comes out looking great. Orders are received and shipped out more
Barbara Skelly
Barbara Skelly
21:56 06 Nov 18
I LOVE this company, and this product! It is just wonderful, so easy to work with, and basically "fool proof". And... for us female "Handy Women" much better than handling 8 foot lengths of heavy wood molding. I have been dealing with Derek for about 8 years or so, he is the ultimate in top-of-the-line Customer Service, and extremely knowledgeable. Had a problem with my order back in June, due to some inaccurate info on the website, and he made it right, and right away! Great Company, Great Products, totally under promoted, they need a Marketing person to get the word out!read more
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Four Reasons to use foam crown molding rather than wood crown molding!
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