Are you looking to create a new look in a room of your house? How about just making a haven out of your master bedroom? With all the different styles and sizes available, this is easy to do!

We recently partnered with a husband & wife DIYer team from the It’s a Turtle Life For Me Blog. They decided to update their master bedroom using Style 2, 4 1/2″ Flat Back Molding. And we cannot believe the transformation!

Here are pictures of what the master bedroom originally looked like.

Natalie & her husband chose the perfect crown molding style & height for their room. After receiving it in the mail, they efficiently painted it.

They first painted the walls a stunning blue. Here is where the crown molding comes in handy! It covers up imperfections where the wall meets the ceiling – plus it’s gorgeous! Next, they installed all the pre-cut foam crown corner pieces. They then measured the remaining space between the corners and cut the 8 foot crown molding lengths to fit.

Next it was time to use painters caulk to make the crown molding appear seamless.

As you can see from the finished photos of the beautiful jewel-blue retreat, the foam crown molding completed the transformation! To read the step-by-step blog and see the complete process, check it out at

Be sure to also check out the post on their home’s original master bedroom; they did it all DIY style! Talk about impressive! Thank you Natalie, for sharing your project with us.

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