Where would you put foam crown molding in your house? Would you use it in a traditional manner, or do you have a creative project lined up that we just have to see?

Just a glance or two on Pinterest tells us that crown molding is no longer an accent to border a room in your home (although that can make a significant difference, too!) It has become much more than that and people are designing beautiful spaces in their homes using foam crown molding in new ways. With all the different styles and sizes available, why not?

We love seeing all the different ways our customers find to use foam crown molding. It works in any room, even a bathroom thanks to its light weight, high density characteristics. From putting the finishing touches on a fireplace, to framing a mirror or just adding some serious style to a door, there are so many uses for foam crown molding.

We recently partnered with one interior designer from the Lemon Grove Blog. She decided to tackle her kitchen cabinets using Style 2, 4 1/2″ Flat Back Molding. And we cannot believe the transformation!

In her beautiful white-on-white kitchen, she added foam crown molding to add a bit of height. One added benefit to working with foam instead of wood in this instance was the fact that it’s much lighter, and overall a bit easier to deal with. To read her step-by-step and see her complete process, check it out at lemongroveblog.com

Be sure to also check out her post on their home’s original kitchen remodel; they did it all DIY style , from the counters to the cabinets. Talk about impressive! Thank you Mary, for sharing your project with us.

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