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The easiest crown molding you will ever install!

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 Crown Molding Solutions offers inexpensive Flexible crown moldings, Foam crown moldings.
Ornate crown mouldings, Polyurethane crown moldings, Ceiling medallions,
Floor base moldings, Chair rail moldings and Installation products.
909 North Nolan River Road Suite E, Cleburne, Texas 76033
800 315 6311     Fax 817 641 6711


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 Crown Molding Solutions offers a so simple way to install styrofoam crown molding,
flexible crown molding, base molding and chair rail moldings.
Foam crown molding cost less than wood crown moldings and polyurethane, urethane moldings.
 Crown Molding Solutions orders come with an instructional do it yourself DVD.
It is the most inexpensive decorative crown molding that you will find today.
Its a very easy crown to install our ceiling molding, by a beginner or a pro.
No hammers, nails, screws or saws are needed. No compound miter cutting needed.

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Foam crown molding with flat back 3-1/2" to 6" / 8" and 13" Snap on moldings

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